Check out some of the amazing things people are doing right here in Columbia, SC!


Caroline Guitar Company

Caroline Guitar Company makes preamplifiers and pedals for musical instruments.

They make a range of pedals, each of which is handmade in America and built for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.



ConvergeSE has been built to support the vision of a united and thriving creative community in the web design industry. Over the years, this small but mighty conference has grown to become one of the best events in country.




Krit is building a suite of project management software to make freelancers' lives easier. Their powerful proposal tool helps freelancers build a proposal and legal contract in no time, with zero legal experience.



Tradeversity's signature university marketplace offers students and faculty a FREE, exclusive platform, where members can buy, sell, and trade products knowing that they are interacting with only their fellow peers on campus.



SOCO is a new place for creative professionals to come together to work in a collaborative way.

Located in the heart of the Vista in downtown Columbia, SOCO is perfect for people who want to work in an open, vibrant atmosphere.



WishBox is your source for specialty American-made goods in the UK & Europe.

They offer a wide range of high-quality products that are exclusively Made in the USA from competitive barbecue equipment to equestrian accessories and everything in between.



52inc is a small team based out of South Carolina that specializes in rapid, high-quality app development. Whether you're looking for an app or an entire solution, they've got you covered.




Voterheads is forward-thinking, user-friendly, government-focused goodness, made magically easy.

They consolidate all of your organziations into one place so you don't have to look at three different websites just to find out what's happening.


Koala Bottle

Koala Bottle quenches your thirst without slowing you down.

Koala Bottle is an innovative and efficient magnetic bottle system designed for use by cyclists and recreational enthusiasts.



Red forgeworks

Red Forgeworks is a traditional blacksmith shop creating high quality kitchen and home wares designed for a lifetime of everyday use. They specialize in producing carefully engineered, hand-forged kitchen knives, tools, and iron furniture using traditional methods. 


unmatched style

Unmatched Style is not just another CSS design gallery. They want to foster constructive design criticism as well as provide inspiration to their readers.

Users can submit sites they feel are well designed to be reviewed and listed on Unmatched Style.


Copper-Horse-Banner-1800x801 (1).jpg

Copper horse distilling

Copper Horse Distilling specializes in small-batch, distilled spirits made exclusively from local grains milled at the historic Allen Brothers mill home of Adluh Flour. Located in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, they strive to create quality products that reflect the ideals and traditions of the South.